Current Issue

Oyez Cover 43 (1)The Spring 2016 issue of Oyez Review is finally here! Whew! Long wait, but it was well worth it. Oyez 43 is the best 100 pages of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction you’ll read this year. We’re also featuring the haunting and beautiful paintings of artist Tim Vermeulen. You will be moved…

Thank you to the following writers for their contributions to this year’s issue of Oyez:

Ashley Beene, Bryce Berkowitz, Laura Bernstein-Machlay, Susana H. Case, Jean Esteve, Shelia Goldburgh Johnson, Susan Johnson, Kathryn Howard Machan, Caroline Misner, Joe Nicholas, Timothy Reilly, Lisa Reis, John Robinson, Bradley R. Strahan, John Tustin, Joanna White, E.G. Willy, Francine Witte.

Copies of the new issue are currently available for $6.50. For print issue availability, e-mail us at  E-book forthcoming!