Current Issue

coverO42The Spring 2015 issue of Oyez Review is finally here! Whew! Long wait, but it was well worth it. Oyez 42 is the best 100 pages of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction you’ll read this year. We’re also featuring the haunting and beautiful paintings of artist Eric Stotik. You will be moved…

Thank you to the following writers for their contributions to this year’s issue of Oyez:

Raymond Abbott, Toni La Ree Bennett, Laura Bernstein-Machlay, Barbara Costas Biggs, Ace Boggess, Jennifer Campbell, George Choundas, Franklin Cline, Caleb Curtiss, Holly Day, Dorthy K. Fletcher, Lisa Higgs, Sadie Hoagland, Archie Jamjun, Marlin Jenkins, Elizabeth Kerlikowske, Lyn Lifshin, Duane Locke, Claire Lombardo, Peter Ludwin, Christopher Mulrooney, Gwynn O’Gara, Terry Savoie, Michael Schmeltzer, and Donna Vorreyer.

Copies of the new issue are currently available for $6.50. For print issue availability, e-mail us at  E-book forthcoming!

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