Tim Kinsella Reading Tuesday, November 18 at the Gage Gallery.

Tim Kinsella is all over the Internet. When doing research for our blog, I found myself engrossed with articles and interviews written about him from Spin, The Chicagoist, Chicago Magazine, The A.V. Club, Bookslut and many many more—so I can’t wait to meet him at the reading. Because one of the LEAST kept secrets about Mr. Kinsella is that he’s somewhat of a rock star, there are multiple reasons to be excited about his reading on Tuesday, November 18 at the Gage Gallery, including but not limited to his fiction, his music and his role as managing editor of Featherproof books.

Five Facts for your Friday about Tim Kinsella:

  1. Kinsella’s musical career began with the much loved, Cap’n Jazz band in the 90’s. He has also been a member of Owls, Make Believe, and Joan of Arc. He’s released three solo albums and worked on many collaborations. He just returned from touring with Joan of Arc in October. His first book, The Karaoke Singer’s Guide to Self-Defense, was also published in 2011.
  1. His latest book, Let Go and Go On and On and On is based on the on the life of Laurie Bird, actress and photographer known for Two-Lane Blacktop and Annie Hall. Drawn to Two Lane Blacktop, Mr. Kinsella said, “It also represents the introduction of a specific cultural moment–the lingering of the hippy lifestyle after the death of the hippy optimism. Personally I’m still a little bit working through that myself.”
  1. He said that the revision process for this book took about 8 years, during which he toured with his band, taught creative writing classes at the Graham School, bartended, made a movie and released a plethora of music.
  1. Kinsella is from Chicago, and still bartends at the Rainbo Club in the Ukrainian Village on occasion. His father was a bartender, as well.
  1. He’s taken over as the managing editor of the Chicago publishing house, Featherproof Press, which published his first book, The Karaoke Singer’s Guide to Self-Defense. He took over in July and has moved the offices onto Roosevelt’s campus, more specifically into MFA Director, Christian TeBordo’s office. Featherproof boasts a proud catalog of books they have published. Mr. Kinsella said of his new position, “There’s this part of me that would be perfectly content to never see my own name on an object in the world, but I really enjoy the process of creating things. I like seeing someone’s imagination become a material object for other people to access. I’m deeply invested in that process.”

Bonus fact: By their own admission on their website, Featherproof is here to publish books written by their friends and by friends of their friends…so come to the reading and become Mr. Kinsella’s friend.

The reading will begin at 5 pm, with refreshments served at 4:30 pm at the Gage Gallery.

Facts compiled from:

Cassandra Morrison is a MFA Candidate in Creative Writing at Roosevelt University and serves as a reader/editor for issue 42 of Oyez Review.


About Oyez Review

Oyez Review is the literary magazine of the Creative Writing Program at Roosevelt University. It is published annually. Issue 45 out May 2018.
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