The Beauty of the Byline

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Today, Oyez Review reader/editor Phyllis Lodge offers notes about bylines and publishing.

You recently completed a piece of creative nonfiction, poetry, fiction, or artwork that you’d love to showcase. You do some online research and browse through various literary marketplaces.

One way your creative spark is fanned into a flame is through readers. You’ve been published, or you want to be published. Identifying quality reviews and journals, places that are proper fits for your work, is the ticket. For the writers who travel through the self-publishing route, you’re paying for readership. That’s fine in some cases. Yet you may soon discover this option is painstaking and frustrating. Yes, you can pay organizations to print and bind your work. Or, you can keep honing your craft and find the right editor and publisher to give you a home. There are editors and publishers seeking you, the artist, as eagerly as you’re seeking them. If what you have produced is unique, well-written, and captivating, a journal will want to showcase you. This is a point of pride for the editors of Oyez Review.

Oyez Review is gearing up for its newest submission period (starting August 1st). Seek out our guidelines. Whichever journal or periodical you consider demands that you adhere and read their guidelines. By not doing this, you’re all but assuring that your work won’t be accepted. We love submissions, but we’re no exception to this rule.

You want to have your work out there in the world. You want the beauty of the byline. Keep reading, keep editing, keep crafting, and perhaps Oyez Review can be your future home.

Phyllis Lodge is an MFA Candidate at Roosevelt University, and served as an editor/reader for Oyez Review 41.


About Oyez Review

Oyez Review is the literary magazine of the Creative Writing Program at Roosevelt University. It is published annually. Issue 45 out May 2018.
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