Oyez Review 41; Preparation for Oyez Review 42

 Greetings! Before we begin, look at issue 41 of Oyez Review. Look at it. Gaze. Imagine what delicious contents are contained within. The student editors, along with faculty advisor Janet Wondra, were thrilled to see this issue take shape, from its start as a daunting amount of great submissions to its final version as a printed and digital literary magazine. The artwork (both the cover and the inserts) was done by Dan Augustine; inside, we featured a variety of killer essays, stories, and poems, from writers like J. Weintraub, Julie Marie Wade, Chas Hoppe, and Cathy Warner, to name a few. 

 Do you want your own copy? Sure you do. Oyez Review 41 is available as an eBook, as well as in physical form. 

 As much as the staff is thrilled about this issue, it’s summertime. That means production for Oyez Review 42 is around the corner. Throughout the summer, we’ll be charting our progress, from events around Chicago to calls for submissions to posts on craft, submissions, and altogether valuable information about publishing, literary magazine development, baseball, and tacos. 

Wait. Those last two were just summertime daydreams. But we can work tacos into a discussion on essay submissions or something. 

Stay tuned. Until then, keep gazing at our newest baby. Or purchase a copy to call your very own, yeah? 



About Oyez Review

Oyez Review is the literary magazine of the Creative Writing Program at Roosevelt University. It is published annually. Issue 45 out May 2018.
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