Submission FAQ (Extra)

Submissions period opens today! This is very exciting! It is always exciting to read new work, shape new issues, find new writers and artists! You can check out this link here for details on how to submit! And just because today is special, here is an extra FAQ for submission dos and do nots.

DO submit your best fiction or non-fiction or poetry.

DO NOT submit something you wrote the morning of. On a post it-note.

DO write a cover letter giving us a small background of your life.

DO NOT write a cover letter that is longer then the fiction story you sent us! Whatchu doing!

DO keep a copy PLEASE keep a copy of your work, be it artwork, be it written submission!

DO NOT send us pizza as a submission. It will get bad by the time we get it and will be difficult to publish. Unless you rush deliver it. And then we will just eat it.

DO send submissions with self addressed envelopes and stamps. We will not send you spam. By the time the spam would get to you it would still be good to eat, but still, it would smell bad.

DO NOT not read an issue of our magazine! Order a copy today here! At $5 dollars it’s still one of the best literary deals in the world!

DO have fun! When a writer is having fun writing it shows in the work! Have fun and experiment!

DO NOT not have fun! Are you even paying attention?

DO be kind to your family members! Being kind will make the world better and then more people will want to read literary magazines instead of hurting each other and starting wars.

DO NOT hurt each other or start wars. Unless they are wars that support literary magazines.



About Oyez Review

Oyez Review is the literary magazine of the Creative Writing Program at Roosevelt University. It is published annually. Issue 45 out May 2018.
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