July is Almost Over!

How Can You Measure A Month That Feels So Short?

July is almost over! How’d that happen? Come on, July. No one likes it when you leave a party too early. Don’t be such a jerk about it. But the good thing about July hitting the road is that we have a lot to look forward to in August!

Submissions open up August 1st! Look at our submission page for the precise guidelines! Get those computers and envelopes ready, and that paper, and stamps, etc. We are very excited to grab hold of your stories and poems! So be excited about sending them!

But before we leave July, come check us out at Printer’s Ball!

It's Alive and Will Harm You If You Get Too Close

We will have free issues that you can pick up and experience and love! Write this on your calender: Friday, July 29th, at 6pm, brought to you by the Poetry Foundation. Write all of that. Trust us. Look up details here. And check us out!

Also: Printer’s Row was a lot of fun! We had fun! See the picture? 20% off winter coats? Crazy! Thanks for visiting with us! Printer’s Row is an amazing event, and we’ll be there next year too, and the year after that! So visit us then as well!

We Are Happy Here, Even Though It Is Hot

We will give more updates on Printer’s Ball and submitting in the coming days! Until then, enjoy July before it’s gone…forever!


About Oyez Review

Oyez Review is the literary magazine of the Creative Writing Program at Roosevelt University. It is published annually. Issue 45 out May 2018.
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