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Looking to break up the monotony of everyday life? Meet Issue 45 of the Oyez Review: Rules of Engagement.

We didn’t intend to slap a theme on this issue, especially considering not one of the 44 that came before it included one. But in examining what we loved about the accepted pieces, we were fascinated that each one, though vastly different in form and content, hosted the same sort of meta-awareness on the author’s part of the unspoken framework in which we engage with one another (and ourselves) as the creatures doomed to this planet, otherwise known as human beings. Whether that engagement is with our peers, our work, our bodies, our heroes, our enemies, our mothers, our sisters, our houses, our languages, our swords, our teammates, our lovers, our deaths, our words, our non-words, or the words of others, the work in this issue shows that even when you intend to follow these set “rules” of engagement, you’ll probably have more fun (like, in a tragic way) when you ignore them.

This is a refreshing collection of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and hybrid work demarcating a new look and a new voice for Oyez. We sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Featured authors include: Jazzy Smith, Aly Pierce, Brielle Brilliant, Sarah Davidson, Elizabeth Bertch, Rachel Ardnt, Hannah McHugh, Matthew Goulish, Rabha Ashry, Jennifer Roche, Toni Oswald, Emma Johnson-Rivard, Melissa Huggins, Grant Miller, Jaydn DeWald, Amaris Ketcham, Natasha Mijares, Jennifer Chen-Su Huang.

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Issue 45 was designed by Allison Crowley of Fuzzy Muzzle Design.