Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! To get you in the spirit, check out Ben Percy’s reading of “Goodnight Moon,” courtesy of Graywolf Press. And be sure to check out Graywolf, an awesome press producing great books.


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From Folios and Signatures to ePubs and Mobis: Creating the Oyez Review eBook, Part 2

We recently discussed the motivation behind creating the Oyez Review eBook, but the story and method behind the effort definitely warrants an entry all of its own.

As with any technology, a lot of people believe that the work behind creating an eBook is hard, like you have to throw on your druid robes and take to a misty plain in the twilight for some intense chanting or become a half-human half-squid version of a programmer, typing away furiously into the dead of night and subsisting on a diet of Red Bull and cold pizza.

Neither of these are true, even though the latter comparison might describe my working habits. That’s totally unrelated to my eBook work, though. Continue reading

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Embracing the Digital: Creating the Oyez Review eBook, Part One

A lot of people have asked about how Oyez Review went about creating its eBook edition. Who did we use as a vendor? What software did we use? How much did it cost?

This post is the first in a two-part series to explain both our motivation and vision for producing a digital copy of the magazine and a venue for talking shop, exploring the details, the frustrations, and the triumphs of the process. Continue reading

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Submission Season Bonus Round: Handling an Editor’s Decision

You’ve written, you’ve examined the marketplace, you’ve formatted your manuscript, and you’ve submitted with a great cover letter. Time goes by. Months, perhaps even close to a year. Suddenly an email shows up in your inbox or a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) shows up. The moment of truth! What does it mean?

Getting a piece accepted usually becomes the high point of a day, a week,  a month, and usually editors are as excited to be taking a piece as a writer is to have it taken. In that envelope is a publication contract to read and a questionnaire to answer. What are First North American Serial Rights? What about contributors’ copies? Are you getting paid?

And what if that envelope or email is just a rejection? How do you handle it? Is the editor breaking up with you?

Rejection and acceptance are the two outcomes of a cycle of publishing. Now that submission season is underway, let’s talk about judgements on your work and how to handle them. Continue reading

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Now Accepting Submissions for Volume 41

The reading period for Oyez Review Volume 41, Spring 2014 has begun!

You can submit your fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or art for our consideration by visiting our online submissions portal.

We’re excited to begin considering each piece carefully, discovering what shape the first volume in Oyez‘s fifth decade is going to take.

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Preparing for Submission Season, Part III: Cover Letters and Bios

So you’ve written a great story or poem and you’re ready to send it out into the world for publication. Great! We’ve spent the last two entries talking about how to format your submission and general pointers at playing the publication game. The last piece, though, is about representing yourself. Continue reading

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Preparing for Submission Season, Part II: Attack of the Bad Advice

Early writers are awash in advice. All you have to do is join some writing forum online or stumble across any number of blogs and, BOOM, advice. Try not finding advice on the Internet. It’s the one place where everyone’s an expert with unequivocal expertise.

When I was twelve and writing my first “book,” I made the poor choice of believing the Internet experts about what a manuscript was supposed to look like. In preparing and brainstorming this series on submissions, I (foolishly) Googled again to find that not all that much has changed in ten years.

The results were horrifying. Even in the last year there have been articles, blogs, and other resources developed perpetuating the same bad advice like a teacher telling you that the key to believable fiction is always using a verb in place of said and tacking on an adverb and a simile at the end of each dialogue tag.

In an effort to both educate and debunk some myths, let’s examine examples of this bad advice.

Continue reading

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Preparing for Submission Season: Part One

It’s almost here! Submission season is that magical time of year when literary journals (especially those tied to a university) start reading and accepting work for their upcoming issues. With July ticking on into August, it’s not a bad idea to start coming up with a list of where you’d like to submit in the next month. To help get you started, I’ve come up some submission tips to help you whether you’re sending work out for the first time ever or you’re a seasoned veteran looking to rethink your process. Continue reading

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Oyez At Printers Row Lit Fest

Join us this weekend in celebrating literature, writers, books, and publishers at the Chicago Tribune‘s Printers Row Lit Fest. Oyez Review is teaming up with the Creative Writing Program at Roosevelt University to host a table where you can grab the latest issues of Oyez Review at a special Lit Fest discount. 

The Lit Fest is also a great time to see what other area presses and authors are up to. Catch a reading, sit in on a panel. Enjoy the nice weather! Last year, the Oyez table was the only table that didn’t have shade and the temperatures were well above 90 degrees. This year? 73. We really lucked out.

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The Summer of Oyez 40

So far Oyez Review‘s fortieth year has been a great success. We’ve had several successful readings featuring our contributors, staff, and longtime friends, we’ve been to Boston for AWP, we’ve debuted our first full-color issue, we’ve even put out a new eBook.

And now, welcome to the new look of Oyez Review online.

But it doesn’t stop there! Next month, we’ll be at the Printer’s Row Litfest, handing out guidelines, candy, and selling the beautiful issue that gives us our current, orange color palette. Printer’s Row Litfest runs the weekend of June 8-9, and you can stop by and see us from 10AM. Need more details? Watch for announcements here, and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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